Impression of “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Vol. 18 “

Impression of “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Vol. 18 “

These are my impressions of volume 18, which has not yet been published in English.
Please turn back if you do not want to know.

This document was translated by Deepl.

What kind of book?

It was originally a novel I read on the novel submission site Arcadia.

It was written about winning a grand prize and then erased, and I decided to buy it when it was published in book form, which was 10 years ago.

It’s been 10 years already.

Then it was made into a comic book and finally into an anime.

I have a lot of emotional attachment to this work.

I’ve bought and saved the first three volumes in paperback, Kindle, and BOOK⭐︎WALKER, respectively.
After that, I bought the e-book only on Kindle and BOOK⭐︎WALKER.
Of course, I also buy and read the outside books.

Title of book read

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Vol. 18

Author  Fujino Omori
Illustration by Suzuhito Yasuda

Synopsis / Contents

The White Fairy swears. The loyalty dedicated to the goddess.
The black fairy engraves. Just that much thought.
The dwarf weeps. Four regrets are turned into power.
The chariot advances. Cutting down everything but the goddess.
And the fierce one asks.
It is neither a dream nor a sophistry, but a proof of “power.
He who cannot surpass himself is not worthy of saving the goddess.
No one is wrong.
They just think of the goddess and run through the unprecedented “Great War” with their egos intact.
So, the boy who was hurt more than anyone else told “hypocrisy” to the twilight sky.
I promised to help her.
This is the story of a boy walking and a goddess writing.
─ ─ [Familia Myss] ─


Synopsis from the previous volume

Hestia Familia is suddenly overpowered by Freya Familia.

The purpose is to let Bell into Freya Familia.

Too forceful.

But according to the rules, there was a rule that you can’t transfer to another familia if you haven’t belonged to it for a year.

Belle has only been a member of Hestia Familia for half a year.

Half a year, …

It’s only been half a year?

Then it would be against the rules to transfer from Hestia Familia to Freya Familia.

Then, Freya…
The people in the city’s memories were falsified and it was assumed that they had been in Freya Familia from the beginning.

The only people who were not affected by the memory falsification were Belle, Hestia, and Freya Familia.
The rest were adventurers who were in the dungeon and those who were outside the city, but that was Freya Familia.
She controlled all the entrances and exits of the dungeon and the city, and tampered with their memories.

And the fact that they had conquered Hestia Familia was also lost.

When the members of Hestia Familia woke up.

Bell has become a member of Freya Familia.

And as a new candidate for the executive ranks.

But, even though his memory is that he belongs to Hestia Familia, everyone around him treats him as if he belongs to Freya Familia.
The people in Freya Familia tell him that he has been cursed and his memory is confused.

Belle suffers from the discrepancy between her memories and those of the people around her.

In order to rescue him, the goddess Hestia, under the influence of Freya’s enchantment, enlists the help of the god Hermes.
With the help of the god Hermes, she sets fire to the furnaces in the city and creates a sacred space for Hestia to break Freya’s enchantment.

Then, the goddess Freya offers Hestia a game of war with Belle at stake.


This volume settles the Freya (sill) fiasco that started in volume 16.
It took me quite a while to get my memory back after waiting a year and a half since volume 17,.
I read volume 17 twice.
And the moment I finished reading volume 18, I thought…
Bel, you have become a sinful man.
Hermes must inform Zeus of Belle’s gigolo status as soon as possible!
Belle, you’re turning into a horrid little boy!
And in about a year, he’s quickly risen to level 5.
Even Ize took over a year to get to level 2, and now Belle is at level 5.

Also, I’m glad I read the Astraea Record.
It was connected.
The goddess Astraea came out in the book too.
I’m not insulted.
According to the afterword, the next chapter will be short.
Is the next chapter the final chapter?
I hope there will be more chapters to come.

The story bets on the possession of Bell.
Freya Familia offers to play war games with Hestia Familia.

Hestia Familia can have as many reinforcements as she wants to participate.

But Freya, who was serious about winning, had various advantages.

First, the guild of Orario notified Loki Farimir that he could not participate.

The guild of Orario, whose main purpose is to defeat the Black Dragon, would not agree to a reduction in their strength due to the current turmoil.

For these reasons, they said they would not allow the participation of Loki Familia, who would surely crush each other if they participated.

Loki, the goddess, was furious at this, but the guild’s notice was absolute.

Furthermore, as a countermeasure to Belle’s constant yearning, Freya forbids Aizu to contact Belle through Ottar. Even in training, Bell’s ability will grow tremendously if he comes in contact with her. To counter this, she forbids him to have any contact with her. Furthermore, Eyes grudgingly obeys.

Furthermore, there is interference from the male deities who are originally attracted to Freya.
The winner of the war game is decided even before it begins.

Even if a bet is held, it is 100 vs. 0 and the bet cannot be concluded.

Even in such a disadvantageous situation, the gods gathered under Hestia.
Still, the overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation remained the same.
In a desperate attempt, Welf made as many magic swords as possible.
Haruhime further refined her magic, but

The power of the largest faction in Olallio, the Freya Familia, was powerful.

After only a short offensive, many of the Hestia Familiars were eliminated.
Takemikazuchi and Hephaestus also dropped out.

The situation was almost settled.
But from the point of view of Lili, the commander of Hestia Familia, this situation was within her expectations.

In such an overwhelmingly unfavorable situation, Liu appears.
Liu had had his status renewed by the main deity, Astraea, and had been elevated from level 4 to level 6.
With this power, he intervenes as a helper.

In addition, the shopkeepers of the fertility mistresses intervene as helpers, even converting to Gnolls and Demeter.
Even Astraea is coming to Orario with new dependents.
Will they be involved in the main story in the future?

Even with the intervention of such helpers, the strength of the Freya Familia is unreachable.

The four Gulliver brothers, Allen, Hedin, Hegni, and Ottar stood in their way and bounced them back.

Just when it looked like it was all over, Belle’s mentor Hedin betrayed her.

Hedin convinces Hegni to betray him as well, and the four Gulliver brothers are neutralized.
They attack the remaining Ottar and Allen.

The situation was evenly matched, but
Ottaru, the last one left, was strong.
The level 7 Ottaru became a level 8 beast and stood in their way.

The challenge was taken up by Belle, who was level 5.
It was level 6’s Liu, Hedin, and Mia, but

There, Haruhime performs a rank ascension with Uchidenokozuchi, and even Bell’s desire to be a hero, and after many last-minute fights, he finally defeats Ottar and scatters the flowers held by Freya to win the game.

As a result, the
Freya Familia is disbanded.
The goddess Freya is banished from Orario.

Hestia says that the town girl is fine, but when Freya still tries to leave, the waitresses of the fertility mistress and Belle persuade her to stay in Orario.

Freya is to remain in Orario as a clerk in the fertility mistress’s store.

Happy ending?
Where does Freya Familia’s family belong to?
They won’t be going to Loki Familia, …

I hope at least Belle’s master, Hedin, will stay in Hestia Familia.
Is it hell for Belle?

Thank you for reading to the end.

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